Benevolence Program

Every year there are vehicles that are “written off” by owners or insurance companies, yet many times those vehicles simply need body and mechanical work to return to safe, road-ready condition.

Zara's refurbishes at least one vehicle each year for presentation to a deserving individual in the Springfield area. Depending on the availability of vehicles, multiple vehicles have been given away in some years. We work with insurance agents and local vendors to make the experience a fulfilling, community-wide event.

Please if you have a vehicle you might consider donating.

Our Donors


  • Rich Brauer
  • Aaron & Kari Brewer
  • David & Linda Doom
  • Garrett Downing
  • Mike & Lori Downing
  • Steve & Jolene Fanale
  • Keith & Dee Dee Fanning
  • Phylis Fichtel
  • Richard Gantt
  • Rick & Pam Gantt
  • Jimmy & Dena Harris
  • Roger & Laura Huebner
  • Darlene Laughlin
  • Harvey & Barb Lomelino
  • Jim & Toni Marx
  • Cynthia McAlpine
  • Ed & Diana Skube
  • McKenzie Smith & Jakob Lohrenz
  • John & Wendee Sutyak
  • Steve & Debbie Thomas
  • Dan & Ann Vaughn
  • Jeff Vignali
  • Mary Kate Yntema
  • Jim Zara
  • Mike & Sherri Zara