Top Ten Collision Repair Questions
Top Ten Auto Body Questions

Do I have to take my vehicle to an auto collision repair facility chosen by my insurance company?
Absolutely not. Insurance companies’ direct repair programs or preferred shops are simply an option. You may always go to the collision repair shop of your choice.

If I don’t have repairs done at a facility preferred by the insurance company, can I still get a lifetime warranty?
Yes. Most high quality repair centers offer a lifetime warranty. Make sure the repair center offers a written lifetime warranty.

Does my auto insurance work like my health insurance policy, requiring that I stay within a network of providers or incur additional expense?
No. Unlike health insurance, your auto policy allows you to go to the collision repair center of your choice, typically at no extra cost.

Does my accident have to be turned into my insurance company?
No, many customers prefer to pay for their own repairs so that a claim does not result in higher insurance premiums.

Do I need an appointment at Zara’s?
Yes, we prefer that you make an appointment. Zara’s has flexible hours and can usually accommodate same-day appointments.

The initial appointment will take 15-30 minutes where we collect basic information, take photos of damage, and complete documentation required by your insurance company. More and more insurance companies are part of Zara’s Repair Planning Program, therefore not even requiring that customers spend time to get an estimate.

Can my car be towed directly to Zara’s?
Yes, 24-hour emergency towing is available by calling 217.899.2707. Or, call one of our preferred vendors directly:

R & S Towing

Tom's Towing

Jostes Garage & Towing

My vehicle has a small dent. Will it cost a fortune to get it repaired?
No, because Zara’s offers Paintless Dent Repair, a lower cost, high quality method to repair small dents that have not scraped or broken the paint surface. These dent repairs preserve the factory paint finish, which is the most durable finish available. Average tie-up time for a vehicle getting PDR is one day.

Who qualifies for a rental?
All claimants against another person's insurance company are eligible for a rental paid for by that insurance company. If a person's claim is with his or her own insurance company, rental coverage on their policy must be in place for the insurance company to pay.

Through an arrangement Zara’s has with Enterprise, rental vehicles are available on-site so customers step into their rental right at the door of our facility and simply drop the rental back at Zara’s when repairs on their vehicles are done.

How do I know you’re using the right parts?
Most insurance companies mandate the use of aftermarket, or recycled/ used parts as a cost saving measure. However, in every case possible, we will pass along our buying power to our customers and utilize Original Equipment Manufacturer parts in place of the aftermarket, or recycled, parts. We approach every repair as if our customer's vehicle was our own.

How do I get my vehicle back quickly but repaired right the first time?
Zara’s is continually streamlining the repair process while increasing quality. There are even more advantages if your insurance company partners with our Repair Planning Program: no estimates necessary and only one visit needed. In general, Zara’s repair process has 50% fewer steps compared to other shops.